February 3, 2010

My choices have changed

Well, I spent three years working two jobs, one during the week with the occasional weekend coverage needed; and one each Friday and Saturday night , adding Wednesdays in the summer.
That is a lot of time spent doing something, and I felt both were a calling.
I wrote for a newspaper for five years, and in December 2009, they let me go.
One month later, the music venue dissolved my position.
So now I am drawing unemployment and getting emails that read, "we have selected a candidate with more closely matched qualifications."
People, that was for stocking shelves at a grocery store.
However, I now know how to rewrite that part of my resume, and I may yet become a wage slave again.
However, I created a wrench and tossed it in the works of my unemployment claims.
I told the state I was laid off from my part time job.
This means my benefit amount needs to be recalculated, because the original calculation was based on my full time job.

I have to start all over, wait, no that would be easy. I have to "reopen" my claim, which means keep dialing into a number that might, or might not, have real humans on the other end.

This seems like a chance to put some of the unemployed professionals to work handling these claims.

Update: I'm back on hold, up to an hour, the recording says. Wish me luck!