October 9, 2008

Continuing car free and food issues

Looks like the old dependable car is in need of far more repair than it is worth.

So the Sweetie and I will continue with being car free for a while longer.
I last wrote about groceries, and my interim fix is to grab a bag of groceries when convenient, or if I'm out and about with a wheeled friend.
Cat food and litter are definitely "borrowed transport" items.

Living in a 'burb, I have a lot of grocery choices: two traditional store, one of which is remotely affordable, two natural foods stores in the neighboring 'burb, but the travel time gets really long, so I hit Vitamin Cottage when I'm in that area. Whole Paycheck is out of my league for a good while.
Walking in Downtown Denver, where homeless and high rent flats rub shoulders, I noticed there are no real grocery stores, or even the stripped down market concept aside from a couple foodie-porn places.

So what if I lived there? Would I have to trek out to a grocery close to the rail line (Broadway and Alameda) ?
Would I have to pay the $10 home delivery charge for Shop at Home?

I ran a cross an abstract for a study on food outlets near high schools in the United States:

which basically says that lower income and non white majority schools have more junk nearby, negating school food policies.
What that also says is that lower income areas have less healthy options.

Or how about we feed our people before we buy bullets?

Look in any trash bin outside and marvel at the food we waste.