May 14, 2010

Take out without

A few months ago, a new web site started up promoting the bring your own bag mentality at restaurants.
I started bringing stainless steel straws and my own cutlery about three years ago, and maybe the thought of bringing my own take away containers flitted across my mind.
And I probably thought, "once I start driving again, I'll do that."
Three years later, I'm still walking, but finally remembering containers, on occasion.
Until I ran across Take Out Without .
The idea is to bring a container for leftovers or take out and make it as common as bringing a bag to the grocer's.
Easy? Seems so. I'm good if I'm planning on going out or getting to the salad bar, but when I run late, I still wind up with a plastic 6 or styro container.
Except now, each one I see reminds me to be prepared in the future.