August 17, 2008

Balance what choices?

Welcome to Balance Your Choices, I'm glad you are here.

I have been imagining this blog for a couple of years and finally took the plunge.
I spend an inordinate amount of time calculating the ethical cost of living in a consumer society, and balancing Choice A against Choice B or C or D.
I cheat, and buy second hand, repurpose items and generally do the fussy greenie dance that is living in the industrialized world.

What I discovered is I have to rank my ethics. Gulp. How do you chose which ethical stance is more important than another?
I had to deconstruct WHY I make the choices I do.
So, me.
I'm fortyish, vegetarian, pretty crunchy, would love to experiment with an urban offgrid home one day. I walk or use public transportation. I bring my own bags 99.9 percent of the time, including produce bags.

I've been blessed to moderate a vegetarian board since 1999 over at, and that experience has been helpful in molding the decision process when I have a choice between, say, leather or nylon for shoes.

So, again , welcome to Balance Your Choices.

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