December 28, 2008

Made it through the gift season

December holds four birthdays, Chanukkah, Yule/Solstice and the big giftmas.
I survived and managed to gift everyone who needed one.
Planting trees was big this year through
One recipient was so happy they planted 10 more as a gift to the planet.

My not-so-inner-hippy was pleased.

I was choosing between a floral arrangement (very planet unfriendly- roses from where?) and this. I decided the recipients were either savvy enough or had their own inner-hippy ready to be channeled, or simply were not wanting things to care for, store and keep up with.

For the physical gifts, such as for my young nieces, Sweetie and Kiddo, I used 6 square feet of wrapping, half of that reused.
I don't have to seek out that one different roll of paper this year.
I actually have too much paper at once.
I see drawer/shelf lining in my future.

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