February 21, 2009

Well, Feb. 21 is this blog's new year

Or, I fail at posting weekly.
I've had my son here for several weeks and have been out of pocket. Even took my second week of vacation to hang out with him
Having a late-teen son is a blizzard of think-on-your-feet choices.
He wants a purple stripe in his hair? OK. All of it? Not so OK.
He has the stripe. Looks good.
Luckily my years of communist hippie vegetarian indoctrination ...er... modeling healthy food choices.. have paid off with a son who eats salads at all meals and has no great desire for large amounts of meat.
He goes through yogurt, however.

More importantly, he's mentally creating his life beyond living with parents.
He's delaying secondary education. He wants to work in the music industry as a tech and eventually be a sound engineer. His big dream right now is running a recording studio/distribution network for bands who don't want to go the A&R / big label route.

I discovered what it is like to simply consult and have little control over the decisions made.
This is my time for letting go of the child I bore and accept the almost adult I raised.

Thanks, Kiddo, for reminding me that choices have size.

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Jen aka Jewbacca said...

Hey There!

First of all, thanks for visiting my sites. The Crapper (quite appropriately) is the blog that gets neglected the most because hardly anyone stops by to see it! It makes me kind of sad, because I'm super passionate about writing. What can you do?

It tickled me pink to see that you read it. What do you think? I'm glad I could give you a good kick in the pants. Us artists get a good share of kicking as it is, but muses are always awesome.


Jen Molica