April 26, 2009

Getting Frugal

So the time has come for me to get serious about grocery prices.
List? Helps.
Coupons? Not so much, as I rarely use name brand. I need a Sunflower Market 20c off a pound of almonds or some such.
So, I'm designing a price book.
Basically, a price book lists an item, say, tofu, and the price at each store.
A page (and the template I'm using is 3x5: index card sized) has the item at the top, rows for the stores (four in my situation for now) that list the size, cost, and unit price.
like this:
Denver Tofu
Vitamin Cottage 1 lb 2.09
Sunflower --not available
Whole Foods/ Louisiana Pearl--1 lb 1.99
WF /HR 1 lb 2.09
King Soopers 1 lb 1.99

This allows a shopper to know straightaway where the deal is...and if you should pass in a given store.
I will also place a note on travel time. All trips cost the same on the train/bus, but the time involved can be diverse.

Anyone using a price book?

My template idea was taken from Dollar Stretcher:

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