April 26, 2009

Walk to defeat ALS and Folkies For Eric

No one knows me long before I start sharing music with them.
Music is a driving force in my life. And musicians are special people to me.
I've had the great joy of knowing Eric Lowen, of Lowen and Navarro, as singer and songwriter with a gift of storytelling without being maudlin.
You might know his big hit, "We Belong." As in Pat Benetar, 'fess up, children of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
Eric lives with ALS, a degenerative disease that steals your mobility inch by inch.
ALS is an evil existance, and I for one will not stand idly by and let it continue without research and support for the folks and families dealing with it.
So I'm walking Sept 12 in honor of Eric and his light with the Rocky Mountain Capter of the ALS Association.
Thier slogan is walk because you can. I'm walking because I cannot NOT do it.


and www.lownav.com

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