February 29, 2012

Six items or less, or a variant thereof

Last November 15- December 15, I took part in six items or less, a challenge to take six main items from your closet and wear them exclusively for 30 days.
Accessories, undies, shoes, work or school uniforms and workout wear (worn only to work out, not to the library or public meeting) don't count.

While I didn't take a slew of pictures, proof of my needing to evolve blogging skill, I did post somewhat regularly on the challenge Web site.

I created a school wardrobe of three shirts and two pants, exempt from the list.
I pulled a black sheath dress, two long sleeve shirts, a short sleeve shirt, dark wash jeans, and a sweater.

By day 26, I was thinking about the end, but really, aside from not loving one of my original choices ( which I selected in a frantic hour for the first five, while thinking about item six) I was not thinking about shopping, wearing something not in my six, or quitting.

I was thinking about laundry.

The simplest way to handle four tops and two bottoms is to hand wash. Rack drying has to be planned if the rack is inside, as the dry takes a bit longer than outside. Sometimes a day longer if humidity is high.
The six items challenge allows for exact multiples of items. I would have duplicates of anything that takes more than overnight to dry, or plan their use. For me, this was the jeans ( I did have two. One wore out just after the challenge) and sweater.

I did cull my closet, and I have once more, too.

I'm developing my own challenge based on Six Items or Less and other similar projects.

Starting March 10 and ending midnight April 10, I will have 10 items, including shoes, excluding undergarments, coats and accessories.

My hope is to learn how to use what I already have but not look like the hippy kid I often resemble.

I'm in the Bay Area. I have massage clients. I volunteer with a local paper and oversee social media for Solar Gardens Institute.
I will also be in class three days a week and have a couple weekend seminars, as well as attending a professional conference for SGI.

I will exempt the massage clothing, as it is a uniform. My capsule wardrobe for it will remain small, at three tops, two bottoms.

As part of blogging discipline, I will take photos.
I might even post them!

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