March 1, 2012

Prepping for the 10

"My fashion style is 'woman who wears clothes so she won't be naked.' " --Molly Ivins, columnist and all around patriot.

I relate to Molly's quip a little too well.

30/10 grew out of reading style blogs. That means I'm actually going to think about what I wear, what it says and does it itch.
Pretty important, that last one.
I've been reading color theory, imagining what a reworked closet will look like in a year, and trying give myself a reality check about what I actually do.
In reality, my idea of dressing up is nice trousers, even jeans, tidy shirt and a blazer. I actually own two, one in ikat-like stripes, and one solid black.

So, in. 10/30, I will experiment with simpler things. Belts. Scarves. Changing necklace lengths.
I will need to pick up a couple belts at the thrift store, and maybe an interesting necklace.

I haven't decided on all the items, and might leave a couple to be selected later into the experiment.

Dark jeans, olive cords, and one deep peacock blue sweater are making the list.

So, from my closet, I do manage to not be naked. Can I look pulled together?
Could I discover a signature look?

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